Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Oh Boy! This is turning out to be truly a challenge trying to get something done and shoved online every day. Guess we're bound to hit a slump at some point.... but then that's part of it: do what you can, even if your knackered, distracted and think what you've drawn is utter crap, you gotta keep going..... eyebrows safe for another day!


Weeman said...

It looks ok lol, not as detailed as usual, but its still very good lol, oh, tell ur son "Oops, seems i was dragged to the pub after the dentist, ma bad" ill be on later today tho :D

Hilbo said...

Wow...really felt it on tues, weds isn't lookin to be much better. I'm putting it down to the cold that's knockin around the house at the mo - I'm dodging it but the energy is heavy!! bugger.