Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Eyebrow Challenge

This is the Eyebrow Challenge! At various times in the past, to help and encourage each other, my mate Hilary and I have threatened to shave each others eyebrows off if we don't get drawings done to deadlines. This has been a private arrangement up to now, but Hilary, in her infinite wisdom, has decided it makes a good reciprocal threat to ensure we post a sketch a day on our blogs for the remainder of the month of July. So here's mine for today.
Also, it is said, that if you shave your eyebrows off they don't necessarily grow back.... too grim to contemplate! ( there is some lee-way for missing a day or two, but the excuse has to be spectacularly out of the ordinary!!!)


Hilbo said...

I went to visit Minnie forgetting that you'd be posting it here...i laughed at the idea that I'd actually posted something ahead of ya!!...bugger.

Hilbo said...

ps - that chair looks nasty...and i don't remember seeing it in your gaff...have you got a silence of the lambs style basement???? : O