Thursday, March 31, 2011

Plants Taking Over

with a digital colour wash

digitally modified pencils


This is my posting for the Collective Thinking Blog.
I decided to do a pencil drawing and experiment with digitally tweaking it. So, the b&w version is the original drawing scanned and then I played with the brightness and contrast levels. Then I gave the drawing a light colour wash using digital watercolours, leaving the pencil lines and textures to come through. I like playing with this mix of analogue and digital doodling. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Eva Procopio

My favourite story in 2000AD at the moment is Shakara, Avenger by Robbie Morrison.
It's drawn by Henry Flint, who unbeknowst to him, ellicits squeals of delight every week from yours truely.
There's only one more part to go, damn.  If the Mighty Tharg, in his wisdom, should see fit to further proliferate this brilliant piece of work by publishing a TBP of same, get it, read it, drool over it, treasure it.
Eva Procopio is the business and Shakara is such a cool character to draw. I think I'll have to do another doodle with Shakara kicking arse next.