Monday, July 21, 2008

round 2

Been a bit of a lull after the first rush of enthusiasm... needed to pause.
Began a story on the 12th of June, somehow finished it on the 11th of July and then collapsed in a heap. Thankfully had a trip to Edinburgh with a couple of mates organised... scots wayhey, up yer kilt! Fantastic...Aye!
Enough, down to business... Am now in the throes of trying to get 'Found' printed but in the meantime here's the cover and page 1. That'll have to do while I attempt to wheel and deal and soil my soul trafficing with filthy lucre. Why is it that if I had more of it, it wouldn't seem so filthy?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

getting the ball rolling

Right, and we're off.... finally found a name to go with.... hard when everything you like is gone because you've arrived late to the party...
Anyway, 'puredaft-delineavit' it is. Kinda tickled with it... puredaft...that's me, pretty self-explanatory.
'delineavit' translates as he/she drew (this)... which descibes what most of the content of this blog will be; gets in the classical reference, an area of interest I have taken delight in for years; and while used to accredit reputable paintings, drawings and sculptures, 'delineavit' was also scribbled on walls with graffiti.
Okay... now to go scribble something to post here.....