Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Judge Death

Right, I know this is three minutes late....it doesn't count! The feckin' interweb was broken for 'bout an hour here and we've only just got back online... and anyway there's more than three minutes worth of doodlin' here!!! Anybody got a problem, yez can take it up with The Judge!


Weeman said...

Wow!, very nice lol :p

I take it that's why your son didn't get back on then, no internet, there we were waiting for an hour lol!

But nice work, and funny :p

Another note, word verification thing... "STFU"nl

Hilbo said...

Okay...so it has been verified that your internet was down...eyebrows safe for now...man, I was soooo happy at the thought of bringing down a shaver to your gaff. Bubble has now burst!...you lucky lucky woman.