Monday, July 27, 2009


Drew this dude in pencil, scanned him in pencils and black & white.
Like the b&w version, but thought I'd chuck both up. The trick with this drawing lark is to do it before you get tired, especially when battling bugs at the same time!!


Hilbo said...

What gay mags have you got stashed in your gaff that I didn't see!?!?? He isn't a Viking so you must be sick still. : )

Peter Loftus said...

Where his hands be at?

Puredaft said...

Oh Hah Hah!... he's a viking after a haircut. Anyway, you n me a couple of gay blokes would have no end of fun spottin' form... an' you know it.
Petey... he's got no hands so he can't have a wank, cos that might upset Hilbo!