Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Hate Colds

This is todays offering, which is basically just any ol' shite so's not to miss a day. Also in case this cold gets any worse I'm saving my 'get out of jail' card that Hilary has offered, ta chickie. Tomorrow I might just be one of the walking dead. Sent the black and white version of this to the Dublin Comic Jam, which is on tonight, don't forget to keep an eye on their blog.
I'm off for more whiskey and a nap!


Hilbo said... sneezed the tits off yourself earlier...couldn't believe how many times you sneezed!! Everyone has some form of this or another - u still managed to get a decent drawing up tho so well done u!

Peter Loftus said...

Swine flu! No laughing matter! Have a hug from Space Chimp aka Petrus Paius IV! Oink oink!

Weeman said...

Very good :p Hope u get better soon, wheres ur son btw? hes not been on lotr in ages :o

Puredaft said...

Thanks for all the good wishes..
@Weeman, he's been off partyin' with mates, only came home yesterday, will let him know you were asking after him.

Weeman said...
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Weeman said...

Same here lol, been going to my 21st for about a week now, everyone had there own party for me, knackered, but its all over now XD. Cheers.