Sunday, January 31, 2010

Longstone Comic Volume 4-Cover

This is the cover of the next Longstone comic which should be out shortly.
This is also another tentative foray into the completely digital way of doing things. Didn't look at a piece of paper, never mind pick up an actual pencil. Have to say, a bit of a head melt keeping track of everything, but wow, the digi-thing is fast. This took about seven hours, mostly because of the magic that is 'Ctrl Z'!
Oh, the illo is to do with one of the stories in the comic (obviously), but not saying anything because that would spoil the reading pleasure! : )



Hey, looks like he's sayin - "'s cold and I have a minxy pox face chasin my ass..."

Archimedes said...

Excellent piece D! If this is you still at the practicing stage I tremble to see what the future brings. Great stuff.