Thursday, November 6, 2008


Right! Big Slap due on right arse cheek for being utterly abysmal at updating this blog and Minnie's blog. Have been having a ridiculously busy time juggling work, the teenager, his mates, my best mate, her wedding... I've nearly forgotten what it feels like to hold a pencil.
Speaking of pencils, (which is what these blogs are supposed to be all about), did the 24 hr comic challenge thingy; got 24 pages done and bailed with half an hour to go. Ended up battling a nasty cold and having something at the end of my arm that resembled a mangled claw.
Big thanks to Cliodhna for organising the whole thing and will be much better prepared for next year.
Mine and everyone elses comics will be posted by Cliodhna in December.
In the meantime, a few pages...

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paddybrown said...

Hi Deirdre. Cliodhna's got yours and several other of this years 24 Hour Comics up at

Very impressed with yours. Lovely use of colour - the aerial shot of the island is fabulous - and figures.

Also enjoyed Found, which I picked up at the Dublin con.