Monday, September 29, 2008


Damn! but it's hard to find the time these days to keep doing all the stuff I like to do.
This blog has been sadly neglected of late, but that will hopefully be remedied soon.
For the moment I'll just use it for updates.
First up... myself and all the happy heads in longstone comics have been scribbling our fingers to the bone trying to get a comic together for Free Comics Day (Oct. 18th ) It's looking like it just might happen.
My bit is a daft little Minnie & Bubbles adventure. It would make more sense to mention this on Minnie's own blog, but she's in the middle of another story, and under advisement from Junior, I'm not messin' with the continuity.
My mate hilary has a new blog, Just started, very funny stuff!
Superhilbo and me are planning to give the 24 hour comic thingummy a go... Central Hotel, the same weekend as Free Comic Day. More details later, if we haven't chickened out.
Other than the upcoming few nutty weekends in October, the focus will be on the Dublin City Comic Con in November.
Argh... the stuff just won't draw itself,

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