Monday, September 3, 2012

TechieNerdDoodle or TND

I am coining a new descriptive term for a particular type of drawing or doodle that I do, doobie doobie doo... it's called a TechieNerdDoodle or TND for short. I've been mucking about with TNDs on a small scale but the breakthrough came with a noodle I did for ICN, which you can see here.
I had so much fun doing this noodle that I had to keep going once that one was finished.
This is a photo of a small section of the next TND.
It's strange, but when I need a break from drawing other projects A little fix of TND-ing does the trick...calm, meditative, getting zoned in on the Now and still drawing... TND FTW!!!
I'll post some pics of this as I go and when it's done... It's about A0, maybe a little smaller, so it'll be a wee while yet before this one's finished :)