Friday, February 4, 2011

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn coloured
Harley Quinn ink

Harley Quinn pencils

Playtime! Decided to experiment... scribbled the pencils as usual but then threw caution to the wind. Whipped out a sheet of Bristol, a dip pen, a couple of brushes and some ink. Went all old school on it. Have to take a nerd moment and say that the feeling of an ink pen gliding over the smooth surface of the paper leaving a super black line in it's wake: magic! I had so much fun inking this page.
The old brain was mush from concentrating on not making a splotchy, inky mess, so t'was very nice to get to the safety of ctrl z and play with the colour. Aaah... Harley Quinn is so much fun to draw.



Nicely done with the inks me dear!
: )

Anonymous said...

Nice work. Its great to see the different stages.

Bennessy said...

Thats deadly!