Friday, August 8, 2008

the next step

So, as and from yesterday, 'Found' is now available to buy from 'Comics' on the corner of Crow Street in Temple Bar. Beat a path to their door and buy them all! Forbidden Planet and Sub-City have samples, so hopefully they'll be in touch soon.
It's very strange but very good to have finally reached this point... Now 'Found' is out there, it's time to leave it and see what happens and move on to the next project.
Here's where I have to totally commit myself... if I say this now, there's no excuses... I'm doing it.
Have started preliminary sketches for a story written by Peter Loftus called 'Downpour'.
Peter has okayed the thumbnails so, Thunderbirds are go! Better go sharpen some pencils!
For more on Peter, check out Longstone link.

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